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Founded in 1985 by the French countertenor Gérard Lesne, Il Seminario Musicale is a Baroque music ensemble. Since 1990, the group has been resident of the Fondation de l'abbaye de Royaumont, thirty kilometres north of Paris. Their repertoire centers around 17th- and 18th-century Italian and French music, including that of Monteverdi, Cavalli, Vivaldi, Couperin and Charpentier.[1]

Gérard Lesne's focus lies on Italian and French music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.


Name Instrument First appearance* Appears in Founding member
Gerard Lesne Countertenor Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album) x
Fabrizio Cipriani) Violin (1st violin) Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Patrick Cohën-Akenine Violin Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Catherine Girard Violin Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Thérèse Kipfer Violin Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Stéphanie Paulet Violin Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Frank Pichon Violin Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Christine Angot Viola Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Diane Chmela Viola Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Bruno Cocset Cello Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Emmanuel Jacques Cello Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Richard Myron Double bass Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Pascal Monteilhet Theorbo Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Anne Vanlancker Oboe Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Jean-François Madeuf Trumpet Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Joël Lahens Trumpet Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Louis Sauvêtre Timpani Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)
Blandine Rannou Harpsichord, positive organ Sedecia (Album) Sedecia (Album)

*) First appearance only regarding Philippe Jaroussky's recordings.


This discography solely shows collaborations with Philippe Jaroussky.

Year Album With
2001 Sedecia (Album)
  • Gérard Lesne
  • Virginie Pochon
  • Philippe Jaroussky
  • Mark Padmore
  • Peter Harvey

Live performances

This list of concert programs solely shows Il Seminario Musicale's joint concerts with Philippe Jaroussky.

Year Live performance With


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