Giuseppe Giordani

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Giuseppe Giordani
Giuseppe Giordani by an unknown artist
Giuseppe Giordani by an unknown artist
Born19 December 1751
DiedJanuary 4, 1798(1798-01-04) (aged 46)
Known forOperas, "Caro mio ben"
Notable work
La distruzione di Gerusalemme, "Caro mio ben"

Giuseppe Giordani (19 December 1751 – 4 January 1798) shares the name with his father. His brother is Tommaso Giovanni Giordani, a composer in his own right. Giuseppe Giordani Jr. was an Italian opera composer, a pupil of Domenico Cimarosa and Niccolò Antonio Zingarelli. In 1774 he was appointed as musical director of the chapel of the Duomo of Naples.[1]. He wrote operas as well as oratorios. His oratorio La distruzione di Gerusalemme was performed at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples in 1787, with considerable success.(ibid.)

As of 2021, "Caro mio ben" is ascribed to Giuseppe Giordani Jr. - or his father Giuseppe Giordani Sr., after being attributed to his brother Tommaso for a long time.

Giuseppe Giordani in Philippe Jaroussky's discography, filmography and performance history

Studio albums

Year Work Studio album With
2021 "Caro mio ben" À sa guitare (Album) Thibaut Garcia

On video

In concert programs

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Complete list of musical pieces by Giuseppe Giordani

This listing only reflects the musical pieces performed by Philippe Jaroussky.

Year published or performed Title Librettist Work Album, video or concert Program Year first published/performed
2021 "Caro mio ben" uncertain À sa guitare (Album) c.1785


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