Giovanni Domenico Filippeschi

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Giovanni Domenico Filippeschi
Years activeearly 18th century

Giovanni Domenico Filippeschi was a librettist whose works were set to music by Carlo Agostino Badia and Antonio Maria Bononcini.

His works include:

  • Santa Teresa, Carlo Agostino Badia, 1706[1]
  • La decollazione di San Giovanni Battista, Antonio Maria Bononcini, 1709[2]
  • Santa Gertrude, Carlo Agostino Badia, 1711[1]

Giovanni Domenico Filippeschi in Philippe Jaroussky's discography, filmography and performance history

Studio albums

Year Title Studio album
2020 "Bacio l'ombre e le catene" La Vanità del Mondo (Album)

Complete list of musical pieces using words by Giovanni Domenico Filippeschi

This listing only reflects the musical pieces performed by Philippe Jaroussky.

Year published or performed Title Composer Work Album, video or concert program Year first published/performed
2020 "Bacio l'ombre e le catene" Antonio Maria Bononcini La decollazione di San Giovanni Battista La Vanità del Mondo (Album) 1709[2]


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