À sa guitare (Song)

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À sa guitare
by Francis Poulenc
Cover of the sheet music of "À sa guitare", Durant, Paris
Cover of the sheet music of "À sa guitare", Durant, Paris
TextPierre de Ronsard

"À sa guitare" is a song by the French composer Francis Poulenc. The words are by the 16th century poet Pierre de Ronsard.[1]

It appears on the following album:

Year Album With
2021 À sa guitare (Album) Thibaut Garcia

It is part of the following concert programs:

Year Concert program With
20212022 À sa guitare (Concert program) Thibaut Garcia


À sa guitare
(To her/his guitar)

Francis Poulenc (music),  Pierre de Ronsard (words)


Ma guitare, je te chante,
Par qui seule je déçois,
Je déçois, je romps, j'enchante
Les amours que je reçois.

Au son de ton harmonie
Je rafraîchis ma chaleur,
Ma chaleur, flamme infinie,
Naissante d'un beau malheur.

United Kingdom

My guitar, I sing to you,
By whom alone I deceive,
I deceive, I break, I enchant
The loves I entertain.

To the sound of your harmony
I rekindle my ardour,
My ardour, boundless flame,
Born of a lovely adversity.[2]

Manuscripts and sheet music

Incipit of "A sa guitare"
Incipit of "A sa guitare"
  • Sheet music
Russian and French
À sa guitare, FP 79a. Moscow: Muzyka. 197. Archived from the original on 9 October 2021. Retrieved 9 October 2021.


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