Forgotten Arias (Album)

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Forgotten Arias
a portrait of Philippe Jaroussky
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 27, 2023 (2023-10-27)

Forgotten Arias will be released in October 2023. It is a collection of arias by off-mainstream composers from the 17th and 18th century.

Title and artwork

The selection of music on the eponymous album "Forgotten Arias" refers to the circumstance that many composers, though immensely popular in their own time, are largely forgotten. The album is part of an ongoing effort to reestablish some - many would say unjustly - "forgotten" or rather, neglected composers.


Phlippe Jaroussky – countertenor
Julien Chauvin – violin, concert master

Le Concert de la Loge

Le Concert de la Loge

violin and ensemble leader




The album Forgotten Arias is connected to a tour of the same name, Forgotten Arias (Concert program)

Release history

List of release dates, showing region, edition(s), format(s), label(s) and reference.

Region Date 1st release Format(s) Label(s) and Catalogue Number(s) EAN/UPC etc.
France 27 October 2023
  • CD
  • Vinyl
  • Digital download
  • OCLC:
  • EAN:
Germany 27 October 2023
Japan 27 October 2023
UK 27 October 2023
US 27 October 2023


Track listing

All lyrics are written by Pietro Metastasio.

1."Siam navi all'onde algenti" (Aminta)Andrea BernasconiL'olimpiade 
2."Sol può dir come si trova" (Agenore)Christoph Willibald GluckIl re pastore 
3."Che giurai, che promisi !" (Arbace)Niccolò PiccinnCatone in Utica 
4."Che legge spietata" (Arbace)Niccolò PiccinnCatone in Utica 
5."Gelido in ogni vena" (Cosroe)Giovanni Battista FerrandiniIl Siroe 
6."Dove son! Che m'avvenne?" (Licida)Tommaso TraettaL'olimpiade 
7."Gemo in un punto e fremo" (Licida)Tommaso TraettaL'olimpiade 
8."Se mai senti spirarti sul volto" (Sesto)Giovanni ValentiniLa Clemenza di Tito 
9."I. Allegro" (Sinfonia)Johann Adolph HasseDemofoonte 
10."II. Andantino" (Sinfonia)Johann Adolph HasseDemofoonte 
11."III. Presto" (Sinfonia)Johann Adolph HasseDemofoonte 
12."Ma che vi fece, o stelle" (Timante)Johann Adolph HasseDemofoonte 
13."Sperai vicino il lido" (Timante)Johann Adolph HasseDemofoonte 
14."Misero pargoletto" (Timante)Johann Adolph HasseDemofoonte 
15."Per quel paterno amplesso" (Arbace)Johann Christian BachArtaserse 
16."Fra cento affanni e cento" (Arbace)Niccolò JomelliArtaserse 
Total length:...


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